Saturday, September 26, 2009, a real time B2B global lead generation platform has been launched successfully

LogicalBuys services connect millions of active buyers to a comprehensive network of International and local suppliers across more than 50 product and service categories. Using an intelligent matching process, LogicalBuys brings buyers together with the most appropriate suppliers for their needs.

Buyer´s precise requirement and Supplier´s communication back to the buyer at the speed of light with today's technology and the pace of business is not far behind. LogicalBuy's sole objective is to work as an online platform to provide real-time sales leads from ready-to-purchase buyers.

"Our global real-time lead generation platform saves both Buyer’s & Supplier's time, energy and money on their real business deal with other added advantages. LogicalBuys online services give real-time sales leads from ready-to-purchase buyers and it's global services save Buyer’s time, energy and money on their purchases", states Sachin Arora, Manager (Global Operations), LogicalBuys Pty Ltd .

Businesses of all sizes turn to LogicalBuys to buy and sell products and services. Why?

Because we streamline the purchasing process, saving time and money for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can receive multiple, competitive price quotes on important business purchases - fast and free.

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