Friday, October 30, 2009

The Valley of Death

Not about moolah... not about fame, it's about HUNGER

It's about a fight... an on-goin' fight.

Let me tell ya this way.....too much thoughts, too much mix of objectives and too much pressure and daily N no.of mails makes it too difficult to focus on ONE VISION and/or core "far-sight". But hey...

I'm not easily held down, or boxed in. I can't simply make decisions that conform to the status quo. I 'm on the way and exploring exciting ideas, and the objective is to nurture the best one into something amazing.... like ma own kid. I'm a fighter, a builder, and some would say "lost deep in thoughts with too much of exploration and confusion", but I like to do things that I'm passionate about.... the exploration of risky and deadly ventures....a holy poison. And, one single failure - will burn me with my soul in hell eternally.

Money doesn't drive me, my MENTAL HUNGER is driving me crazy....but hey, If it isn't hot enuf and doesn't drive me crazy, I don't know what the fuck it is.

I AM NOT A YES MAN....lemme explain ya this way -- if some one says Google is hotter than Bing
and/or Microsoft's new "Real" Live Search Bing isn't better than Google then I assume you haven't tried it yet.

The above basically defines ME.

Whatever I'm doing lonely, whatever I'm working on, be it a next crappy entrepreneurial venture - I promise you - it is, and will be exciting Micro-Blogging Web 3.0...  

What lies ahead, even I don't know, but its risky......."The Valley of Death"


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