Wednesday, December 31, 2014

They think they are Gods

In an era of government slothful dysfunction, the Uber example shows how  US based Uber has pioneered not just a new sort of taxi service but also a new way to change long-standing local ordinances.

What I personally like about Uber before and after this rape incident is : Uber’s approach is brash and, so far, highly effective: It launches in local markets in different countries regardless of existing laws or regulations, even though city/state law prohibits such services. It aims to build a large customer base as quickly as possible. Their services are good, App design is brilliant, provide above average earning and livelihood to thousands of drivers, they don't find it difficult to gain mass customers. 

When challenged, Uber rallies its users to pressure government officials, while unleashing its well-connected lobbyists to influence lawmakers.

Apparently, they believe they’re gods. 

They, actually, are. 

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