Monday, July 6, 2009

Venom that saves, kills too.

A mail from m-earn: "Pushed" viral marketing example.

Hi Sachin,

I hope you are doing well. I have just tried this new service called mEarn and found it to be amazing. How do you like the idea of getting paid to read an SMS on your mobile phones ? m-earn promises you just that !!

All you need to do is register and start receiving advertisements to get paid for each of them. And guess what ?

* You only get Ads and discount coupons that are relevant to you.
* You get to specify the number of messages that you would like to receive in a day
* You receive the messages in the times specified by you

Further you can multiply your earnings by inviting your friends. You then get a share of their earnings as well !!

In case you are wondering how much your mobile phone is capable of earning, register at and ya don't forget to invite all your friends to maximize your earnings !

Cheers !!


Why wrong projection 'push' of the above viral marketing campaign can lead the whole brand image in trouble ?

Thanks, Darshana

The infant thought behind the proposition is strong. Brands invade the privacy of the mobile inbox. It could itch years of brand loyalty. Even when consumers have opted in to receive information, there is a tendency to forget, so perfectly legitimate communications can be perceived as intrusive, which can be hugely damaging to brands. Considering arrays of factors, successfully conducting SMS activity is a complex matter.

Targeting is essential - the golden rule of relevance.

Best Wishes,

Sachin Arora

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