Friday, June 19, 2009

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Well, not the killer one exactly but this good start up website is enough to earn good chunk of money to take your GFs to 5 star dinner a week and to have parties with friends.

“The idea of the is to allow users to post jobs with a set price and try and connect them with other people who are willing to do the job for that price, this helps out those who aren't as fortunate as others or are wanting to save money.”

What it does is a website that is specially set to help struggling people. If you are a person who is unemployed, or if you are studying, or you are living with your parents this is a good opportunity for find an online resource where you will have the chance to start earning some extra money.

The concept underlying this site is quite simple: people make posts looking for people in order to get something done. No matter if you are thinking about mowing lawns, or painting a house, as well as walking a dog or baking a children's birthday cake, this is the right site for you to find the right people to perform your tasks.

The difference between this service and others is the fact that you can set how much you can afford to pay for the job. People on social sites like Facebook and Twitter see these jobs and respond by offering their services for the amount on offer, or more. Job boards have never been done like this due to the fact that the job poster is the one who sets the price. That is actually what makes this service different.

Why it might be a killer

This will be an effective tool for people that need money.

Some questions

What is next? How does the site makes money?

Well, ping me up, if interested. Ciao!!

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