Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Should every business have a blog?

How about rephrasing the question: Should every business have a blog?

No, not every business should blog. Should every business have a strategy behind how they produce, curate, aggregate and distribute content?


Because pretty much every business already generates some form of content. Most have brochures or reports of some kind. But increasingly content is becoming the doorway to being found through what's commonly known as "organic search" which is a leading way people find information on the web. The content your business touches can also influence your online reputation. Content can be a blog post—and it can also be a response on a third party website.

Move the conversation beyond blogging and into all forms of content and how it affects metrics such as page rank, views, shares, and money made/saved and the answer is that every business should re-evaluate the thinking behind the content associated with them.