Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steal the Deal

Its old enough and common now to relate to clients, clients must be satisfied with conversation to be able to do business with us and to build a relationship with mutual trust.

Still, there is always a considerable challenge in the game (i.e. deal) with some the most dangerous moments in deals, especially when everything is moving according to client’s wishes. It scares me, as on client side interaction, I can’t refuse, I can’t contradict, have to disagree without being disagreeable. The deal often contains some razzle-dazzle and hocus-pocus. It’s either losing a great deal or to make a great deal.

Some deals take months of negotiations (with silence), some I have sealed in one phone call (that’s the best feeling). I can’t directly refuse and can’t contradict otherwise it breaks down ….completely …. most of the time.

Its interesting :)